Company description

Mediasoft d.o.o. was born as technological spin-off from E-Tree d.o.o. which was owned by ETNOTEAM group from Milan and after acquiring experience abroad introduced new Enterprise Portal Platform from US company ATG (Art Technology Group) Mediasoft d.o.o. is a company that sold first Enterprise Portal Platform to one of the most Importan Slovenian Bank and this is also the first platform sold in Slovenia and others ex-Yugoslav republic.

So personal is skilled mainly to work and develop B2B,B2C,B2E applications on with ATG platform.Other technology that Mediasoft d.o.o. works with are mostly open source technologies that are Java Based (Tomcat , Jboss, MySql) so we are also developing internet/intranet applications also on free application servers where the client needs requires that.


SoMedAll project under AAL programme is co-financed by AAL and MVZT Slovenia

First EU project H@H

The Health at Home project (H@H) aims at solving societal problems related to the provision of healthcare services for elderly citizens affected by Chronic Hearth Failure (CHF)